Why Your Warehouse Should Invest In A Pallet Or Skid Wrapper

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If you run a warehouse, you are likely quite familiar with the skids or pallets that your inventory is stored or shipped upon. Some of these pallets might arrive pre-wrapped in plastic when they are shipped to you from a vendor, and then the plastic is quickly removed so you can access the items. But what about if you need to re-wrap a skid or pallet in order to move it or ship it yourself? If you haven't yet looked into skid wrappers for sale, you may want to consider it. You might be making things more difficult for yourself and your employees than they need to be. Here's what a skid or pallet wrapper can do for you.

Less Packing and Shipping Time

Time is money, and that's certainly the case when you are moving large quantities of inventory around. If you are still wrapping merchandise with plastic by hand with no additional tools to help you, it's likely taking you far longer than it really should to get the job done. By investing in a skid wrapper, you can quickly and easily secure large amounts of inventory and reduce your packing or shipping time.

Extra-Secure Shipments or Transfers

When you wrap with plastic by hand, you really have to focus to make sure the sheets are as tight as possible. If you send a skid or pallet out for transfer or shipment and the plastic isn't secure enough, you could end up with damaged inventory or even an injured employee or customer if something suddenly shifts without warning. With a skid wrapper, you can make sure that the entire package is as secure as you can possibly make it, giving you, your clients, and your customers additional confidence.

Reduced Waste

If you wrap your skids or pallets by hand with no additional help, you might make a mistake or two and end up wasting plastic. This is going to cut into your bottom line over time because you will have to order additional plastic more frequently. It also creates more waste at a time when many companies are looking to reduce their environmental footprints. A skid wrapper can help you be much more efficient so that you only use the exact amount of wrapping that you need for the job.

Get your warehouse or business a skid wrapper today to take your business's operations to the next level.


7 November 2019

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