Own A Warehouse? Why You Should Be Using Turntable Wrapping Equipment

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If you own a warehouse, you should consider using turntable wrapping equipment. There are many benefits of doing this, four of which are listed below. You can then purchase this equipment and start using it in your warehouse.

Save Time and Money

It can take a lot of time for employees to wrap and stretch your products on their own. This is especially true if you have a busy warehouse and have to wrap and stretch a lot of products daily. Also, materials can be wasted if wrapped and stretched manually. Instead, turntable wrapping equipment will allow your employees to wrap and stretch your products much faster, which means they can get more work done each day. Also, not wasting stretch wrap film means you have to buy less, which means the money you save will add up over time.

Help With Inventory Control

Using turntable wrapping equipment can help you with inventory control. This is because your employees can wrap products much faster, reducing the chances of boxes being lost or left out. As such, you can get your inventory correct the first time. This will help you know if you should purchase new products so you will get what you need in time in order to keep your warehouse running. There are also scanning systems that you can purchase along with the turntable wrapping equipment for even better inventory control.

Have Fewer Injuries

Manually wrapping pallets can cause injuries to people as this takes a lot of repetitive bending. Knees and backs can get injured while doing this. If this were to happen, your employees may put in a worker's compensation claim, which can cause you to lose money. Some employees may sue your company if they are badly injured. With turntable wrapping equipment your employees do not have to bend. Instead, they can simply run the equipment and let it do all the work. This will result in not only fewer injuries, but you also won't have to worry about employees missing work due to injuries. 

Get More Work Done

Using turntable wrapping equipment does not take as many employees as it does if products are manually wrapped. Because of this, you can use the employees in other areas of your warehouse where help may be needed. You could also train these employees to do other jobs if you find you need help on a regular basis doing other things in your warehouse. This will prevent you from having to hire new employees that you would have to train. 

Contact a supplier to learn more if you are looking to buy turntable wrapping equipment. They can also tell you of more benefits this offers you. 


30 June 2021

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