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Industrial Hoses And Couplings: Getting The Fit And Flow Right

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High-pressure industrial applications are placing more stress on layflat hoses. Whether jetting water in oil fracking or hydraulic mining through a hose, flow friction reduces pressure and leads to lower productivity.  Loose-fitting layflat hose couplers and bends are a major cause of friction. The friction leads to a loss in pressure and flow velocity. The move towards layflat hose specifications and safety standards is allowing more field operations to get the fit right.

5 June 2020

Why Your Warehouse Should Invest In A Pallet Or Skid Wrapper

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If you run a warehouse, you are likely quite familiar with the skids or pallets that your inventory is stored or shipped upon. Some of these pallets might arrive pre-wrapped in plastic when they are shipped to you from a vendor, and then the plastic is quickly removed so you can access the items. But what about if you need to re-wrap a skid or pallet in order to move it or ship it yourself?

7 November 2019